A giant dimension traveling adventure in one comic!


by PotatoBoss

Update soon/ Amino

I have been working on the new update (which is going to be a Flash animation) for the past 6 hrs now, the song used will most likely be "Showdown!" also by me XD and which can be found on the Bandcamp page here: https://pascalpotatovandenbos.bandcamp.com/track/showdown-2. The update will hopefully be posted today and else sometime next week. Also you can now follow me: PotatoBoss, Niels: FruitBot and David: PigeonArt on the Webcomic artists Amino where we post stuff we make and drawings and updates for the comic. that's all for today, thanks for reading the comic and we hope you like it so far. :D



by PotatoBoss

Album/ Comic Progress

We're currently working very hard on drawing everything and are expecting atleast 5 pages to be released next monday or even this sunday. Also we are working on an album for this comic wich is currently on 16 songs already, so if you have any musical talent, like the comic so far, and want to help send us a mail: potatojams2001@gmail.com Thanks!